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Jake Winder- Featured Testimonial

Elite Pole Vaulter (Ranked 9th of all Pole Vaulters in the USA in 2010)

Jake’s vaulting credentials are below.

Collegiate Career:
*4 time CCIW Conference Champion
*3 time NCAA Division III National Champion
*Indoor Personal Best: 18’01/2”
*Outdoor Personal Best: 18’0”1/2”
*3 time USATF National Championship Qualifier
*Named to the Bowerman Selection Committee to the “Others to Watch” list (the Heisman Trophy of U.S. collegiate track and field)
*Ranked 4th Collegiately for all Divisions in the USA in 2010
*Ranked 9th among all Pole Vaulters in the USA in 2010
*Named NCAA Division III “Field Event Athlete of the Year" in 2009 & 2010

High School: 
*4-time IHSA state qualifier
*3-time IHSA All-State 
*IHSA State Champion in 2005
*High School personl best of 16’7”
*2 time USATF Jr. National Qualifier
*USATF Jr. National All-American

Being a pole vaulter I get the opportunity to experience a lot of different aspects of training.  It is so much fun and I love my sport so much, but it can be very taxing physically.  The demands of my sport require many different strengths and skills.  In a typical week of training I will experience weight lifting, Olympic lifting, sprint training, gymnastics training, endurance training, and of course pole vault technique training.  Behind every great athlete is a great work ethic and that is what I always strive for.  I always want to be a little stronger, a little faster, and a little better in my technique and this attitude has brought me to where I am today but has also taken a toll on my body.  Many of my struggles have to do with herniated discs in my back, beat up joints, and over all fatigue after a workout.  One of the greatest demands of my sport is weight management.  I need to be as strong and explosive as possible without exceeding one hundred eighty pounds in body weight.  I started to experiment with supplements in high school but had no knowledge of what I was taking.  I soon found that the supplements I was taking were making me heavy and slow which made me a worse pole vaulter.  When I turned the tubs around to see what I was taking I saw a lot of fat, cholesterol, sugar, and many other things that seemed like "fillers".  I was introduced to Pride Nutrition's line of products by a man who was a 61 year old All American decathlete.  He was in great shape, managed to pole vault twice a week, lift weights everyday, and run interval workouts.  That night I went to look at Pride's line of products.  I was amazed with the quality I found.  To my surprise there were no short cuts.  I saw that the make up of the products were just quality ingredients with no fillers, and that really opened up my eyes.  I purchased the Respect protein, the Dominate pre-workout, and the Essentials vitamin pack immediately.  I went straight to the gym had one of the best workouts of my life.  I felt so strong, explosive, and focused from the Dominate during my workout, but had no stomach issues and felt energized instead of beat up after my workout.  After taking the Respect immediately after my workout, I woke up the next day expecting to be sore and beat down, but realized that my soreness had cut in half.  I actually just wanted to go to the gym again!  I soon dove into the other supplements Retaliate and NPR and this has been my stack since.  I have gone on two have the two best track seasons of my life and feel motivated and anxious to work out every day knowing that I have the edge with Pride on my side!

Click here to see Video's of Jake


Achour Esho- Featured Testimonial

When you train as often and as hard as I do, you need good supplements and a good place to train.  Pride Nutrition has been in my corner for the last few years along with FLO's state or the art training facility.  Together they have really helped maximize my speed, strength and power!  I can't get enough of Pride's RESPECT Protein and their GLUTAMINE which has completely changed my recovery times.  My rigorous training workouts used to drain me so bad that it would take 2 days to recoup. Now at the age of 29, I'm training twice a day and have never felt better!  I take the Premium GREENS for endurance plus AGILITY and NPR for my joints.  DIALED-IN gives me the energy I need and I stack it with Premium EFA and C-GONE when I need to drop weight for my fights.  Pride has helped me stay undefeated in my Professional Boxing and MMA career and I plan to keep it that way!  Pride Nutrition is my supplement of choice and FLO MMA is where I love to train! 
Achour Esho

Natalie Leon - Featured Testimonial

Masters in Exercise Science, GWU

ACSM certified Health and Fitness Specialist

 My name is Natalie Leon, and I am a Fitness & Nutrition Consultant and an avid sports competitor.  I have competed in dancing and tennis and since 2007, in physique competitions, specifically, Figure.  My last show was in August of this year (2009) and I placed 3rd and qualified for nationals…yes!! (The picture is from this show, NPC East Coast Classic/MD regional show).  To get show-ready for this last one was by far, the most challenging physical endeavor I have undertaken, and if it were not for my Pride supplements, I would have had a much tougher journey to endure.

I met one of the owners at Pride in April of 2009 at the Ohio Naturals, where I placed well but just missed the top 5 (placed 6th  in Masters and 9th  in Open).  I was totally depleted, dehydrated (had cut my water intake from midnight and by then early afternoon) and suffering from a mean headache.  I stopped by their booth just to collect some information and he convinced me to take 2 of the NPR (Natural Pain Reliever), free of charge.  He was very friendly and extremely confident about this product’s ability to minimize or suppress my pain, without affecting my body’s composition, a huge concern of mine given that show time was in less than 2 hours.  I took them and 30 minutes later – no headache!!Well, I was totally impressed and proceeded to purchase the Protein powder, a bottle of the NPR and the L-Glutamine.  I was extremely satisfied with products that I began to research the entire product line.

 I  was so pleased with the results that my coach, Kevin White, decided to look at all supplements  and next thing you know, the diet designed for my last show incorporated many of their products to cover all my supplementation needs: Respect protein powder, L-Glutamine, Greens, Control, C-Gone and Dialed in.  Furthermore, I now have most of clients on at least 1 or more of the Pride products as a part of their daily nutrition plan.  They are all very satisfied and have noticed measurable changes since their implementation.

 In summary, I would highly recommend this product line to anyone interested in improving their current diet, energy levels, quality of workouts and in general, quality of life!





Bobbie Kongsgaard - Featured Testimonial

Well ...where do I begin ?? 
I had been on a merry go round with diets, exercising, weight training and just wanting to do it all but not really knowing how to properly go about it !!
I, at one time weighed over 200 pounds !! You name the diet ....I had tried it !! I would lose weight ...only to gain it back double !!
My saving grace was a book I bought in March of 08..."The Eat-Clean Diet" by Tosca Reno.  I don't even call it a diet......it is a life style change !
So now that I have the eating correct.......what about the body......the muscles ??  I had become so involved in aerobics years ago...taking it to the next level.....becoming certified.....in group exercise and personal training......loved what I did.....but let the certifications expire.....
I had kept up with working out for me...working out with training partners and even trying my hand at competing !!
Every competition has been a learning experience ! And now I am thinking that I have really gotten this all down.......not just yet.....
SUPPLEMENTS !!!!!  Who would of thought that taking the right supplements could make major changes in how you feel and how your body responds ????
In the past I have tried different supplements but not really impressed by any of them.........
A friend had told me about Pride Nutrition and I thought I would try some of their protein..........I was very impressed at the flavor and the ingredients !! All top of the line proteins...no fillers !
I met the owners of Pride at a competition I was in and told them I was very pleased with the vanilla Respect !! And how I have gotten very creative making protein pancakes !!!!
I learned a lot more about the different products and took their suggestions on what would benefit me  !
It has been almost a year that I have been taking Pride supplements and I have to say I feel amazing and have noticed increased energy and focus, also my body has made huge changes !!
My daily supplement routine right now is...
AM- 1 Premium Multi women        PM- 1 Premium multi 
        1 Premium Green                       1 Premium Green
        2 Premium EFA                           2 Preimum EFA
        1 Agility                                     1 Agility
I use 2 scoops of Respect right after my work out.
As I get closer to competition time I will add Ammunition, Retaliate and Dominate.
I also will add in C-Gone and Dialed-in.  
This is the perfect mix !!
With all this said.....I am still learning how my body works...how it responds to different things !!
But who would of ever thought that by eating right ....adding weight training and cardio AND the right supplements .............
Look at me !!!!   I am 57 years old...very proud of that and the fact that I am only getting better !! It does not matter what age you are.....if you have the drive and keep looking to the future any thing is possible !!
Go confidently in the direction of your dreams..
Live the life you have always wanted..
Thank you Pride for helping me follow those dreams !
ps...on a side note...i am in the process of getting recertified !!
Very proud to be a "Pride Girl" !!!
xo Bobbie Kongsgaard






Annalisa Bato - Featured Testimonial

I participated in my first NPC figure competition in May 2008. In preparation for the show, I incorporated supplements into my diet which included PRIDE Nutrition’s RESPECT Protein, C-GONE, Premium EFA & Premium GREEN. I experience a dramatic positive change in my physique and felt great throughout the whole process. Out of many proteins I have tried in the past, RESPECT Protein is my favorite. My body responded very well to these shakes, I didn’t experience any bloating or indigestion and it tastes great! After combining PRIDE’s supplements with hardcore training and a clean diet, I have never looked or felt better in my life. I had a fabulous time at my first show and I’m really looking forward to the next one!

The PRIDE Team also helped me tremendously during my path to compete. They were fully attentive to my personal questions and concerns about what would benefit me the best for my competition. After 10 years of training, I have finally found a supplement line that I can trust for all my nutritional needs. I highly recommend PRIDE Nutrition to everyone who is looking to make a change or maintain a healthy lifestyle.




Adam Weinberg- Featured Testimonial

 As a NPC national competitor, for the past 13 years, I have tried just about every workout routine, supplement, and pre-contest system known to man. My goal I had set for myself was to break into the top five at a national level competition. Prior to this year, the best I had been able to accomplish was 7th place. I managed to do this on 4 separate occasions. Needless to say, it became very frustrating for me. I have known the owners of Pride Nutrition for over 15 years and happened to bump into them at a regional level competition in 2004. They offered me a complimentary sample of their protein powder (Respect). I gladly accepted it but continued to use the other brands that I had been loyal to. I was skeptical to try anything new.

        Fast forward 5 years. ..  Since 2004 I had competed in1 national level competition (7th place) and 2 regional competitions as well. I had retired 2 times in five years, out of frustration. I had come out of retirement because I had never achieved the goal I had set back in 1996 (a top 5 national level placing). In May of 2009 I had by chance spoken to a Pride athlete who I have known since I began bodybuilding. He gave a strong endorsement to their products and urged me to contact  the owners. I was still a little skeptical, but I figured that if I kept doing what I was doing, I was going to keep getting what I was getting. So I sent one of the owners of Pride an email. I drove out to one his place and sat down with him. He broke down what I should be taking for the first 8 weeks of my pre-contest training. I added the following supplements to my diet

1. Recarb (pre and post workout) 
2. Dominate (pre workout)
3. Retaliate (post workout)
4. Ammunition (pre workout and with my last meal)
5. C-Gone (post workout and with my last meal)
6. E Block (with my last meal)
7. Respect (post workout)

        He told me when and how much of each product I should take and then we reevaluated after 8 weeks. We made a few changes, but nothing drastic. Over the course of the 16 weeks of training, I noticed I was dropping body fat at a rapid pace and still maintaining all of my muscle. I had more energy during my workouts and I was able to recover quickly and avoid any serious injuries. Overall I couldn't have been happier with my progress.

        As far as end results go…. I ended up winning my weight class at the 2009 NPC Continental USA, defeating a top local competitor who placed ahead of me 2 years earlier. Two weeks later, I placed 2nd at the 2009 NPC Team Universe. Beating out the 2005-2008 class winner and the 2009 Junior National class winner. In doing so, I achieved my goal that I had set way back in the mid 90's, of a top 5 finish.

        Overall, I know that I wouldn’t have achieved the results that I was able to without the help of Pride Nutrition and would highly recommend them to athletes, regardless of what sport you are competing in.  Their products were definitely the missing piece to the puzzle. They offer high quality products as well as a high level of personal attention. Thank you Pride for all of your support.

Shannon Carney - Featured Testimonial

I contribute much of my success to the discipline and practice it took to become an accomplished violinist. I performed as a member of The Milwaukee Youth Symphony for nine years. I apply that same commitment in teaching high school chemistry and coaching cross country and track and field. I believe that anyone can fine tune their body through fitness and nutrition if given the right formula.

Over the last year I have tried the gamut of supplements. All the “name brands” with all the “hype”. The only thing that I noticed was my pocket book dwindling as fast as the results. When I met the guys from PRIDE, I decided to try their product line. I was shocked at how fast the results set in. It was literally after the first dose I was so excited that I shared them with my lifting partner (boyfriend). We were both “pumped”!

The pump carried us through the workout and well into the day. As a matter of fact, the pump lasted until the next day. It’s only been a month and we haven’t had a bad workout since. I can’t wait to see what the next month brings.

One of the greatest things I’ve noticed is the sustained feeling from the AMMUNITION, and the DIALED-IN. There are not extreme ups and downs or feelings of sickness that we have noticed with other stimulants and pre-workout sources. The RESPECT Protein is the cleanest protein I’ve ever had and keeps me tight after a workout. I’m completely satisfied with the results from the Pride Nutrition supplements and am confident that it will facilitate a win in my future competitions.



 Wayne Carrels - Featured Testimonial

This time 3 years ago I was about 20 lbs overweight, very depressed and stressed to the max! I quit my job and moved to Springfield overly confident that I would find employment as a full time trainer. After a few months I was just about ready to give up when my buddy recommended PRIDE Nutrition to me and said I should give them a call. I told them a little about myself and what I wanted to do and decided to order their Ultimate Weight Loss System. The products arrived shipped to my door the next day but they sat on my counter for over a week. Finally I skeptically opened up the package one morning and started taking the products.

That day I was so motivated and focused on what I had to do that I lost site of my problems and negativity! I was taking DIALED-IN, Premium EFA, C-GONE and Control and WOW, I was on fired up!!! Immediately, I got my energy levels and eating patterns back, and next thing I knew I was training and started teaching classes again. That allowed me to train full time and I could tell that these supplements were working! I was causing so much of my own stress because of bad eating choices. I needed the jump start and hunger control that the Ultimate Weight Loss System System gave me. About 7 months later I was voted Best Trainer in Springfield by the people that have always believed in me!

Now, I still take PRIDE Supplements every day and recommend them to all my clients. I have regained confidence and my healthy, extremely active life style which helps me harbor all sorts of will power. I am now 40 years old, the owner of HIPE (High Intensity Practical Training) and in the best shape of my life! PRIDE Nutrition is the best and I would like to thank them for helping me get back my EDGE!!!


Wayne Carrels
Website: www.hipeneverquit.com

 Shazad Ali Carbaidwala, MBA, PMI- Featured Testimonial

Playing college football and know being an NPC bodybuilder I have put a lot of wear and tear on my body. I have taken a lot of supplements from companies making false claims over the years trying to obtain optimal growth. I have taken Pride supplements for the past year now and there products have helped me develop my physique as well as keeping me injury free. I train twice a day Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday so everything I put in my body is vital.  Pride's unique blends and formulas cannot be found by any other supplement company and PRIDE does not make false claims on their products. With all the food preparation, training, dieting, I will never again succumb to taking any other products than Pride for the simple fact, Pride supplements work. In preparation for my shows in 09 I have incorporated Agility and Agility cream for my joints. Ammunition helping me sustain longer pumps. Respect after my workouts with two scoops of Pride Glutamine to  help me recover from long workouts. In the morning I normally take my thermogenic Dialed In an hour before my first meal and my first workout helping me get through the day especially on those low carb days. My stomach never responded well to thermogenics causing severe muscle cramps and pulls, but from Pride's blend of herbal caffeine Guarana and Synephrine I have been able to handle it in my system and come in Dialed In for competitions.

I also run a small company www.shazadsnutirition.com helping clients incorporate a healthy balanced lifestyle through proper exercise, nutrition, and supplementation. With there being so many false claims with supplement companies I have never been able to incorporate proper supplementation until Pride. Finally I have found a company that I can hang my hat on and will continually refer all my clients to Pride.

Competition Weight 154 lbs
Off season Weight 220 lbs
Height 5'6

Thanks you so much PRIDE!!!










 Jane Kupkowski - Featured Testimonial

Certified Personal Trainer and Aerobics Instructor
Bachelors Degree- Physical Education/Exercise Science
Health and Wellness Specialist/Instructor
Height- 5’9
Weight-175 pounds
Age-22 years old

Marathons, Half Marathons, Short Distance Races, and Triathlon Competitions
2008 – 5th Annual Virginia 24 hour Run for Cancer – finished 1st place female finisher            (75 miles in 21 hours), 4th place overall finisher
2008- 25K Race Series – Virginia Beach, VA – 2:10
2008- Ultra Marathon 50K trail run- 3rd place female finisher (7 hours 30 minutes)
2008- 20K Race Series- Virginia Beach, VA- 1:30 (PR-personal record)
2007- Thunder Road Marathon- North Carolina finished - 4:20
         (split time 13.1 miles -1:30)
2007- 12 hour Adventure Race – North Carolina- finished 3rd Place (4 person team)
2007- “Rattlesnake 50K”- ultra-marathon mountains West Virginia- finished 9 hours
2005- St. Louis Marathon (Time 4:30)
2004- Country Music Marathon (Tennessee)
2003- LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon
2003- Country Music ½ Marathon (Tennessee) (Time 2:05)
2002-Country Music. Marathon (Tennessee) 
2001- LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon
2-Short distance triathlons
Competed in over 30- 5k’s and 10k short distance runs

Fitness and Bodybuilding Competitions and Championships
(3 time bodybuilding competitor) 
2005- Midwest Ironman Championships NPC-national qualifier (Chicago, IL.)
1st-place heavyweight 
1st place-overall winner
2005- Caveman Classic NPC Championships-national qualifier (St. Louis MO.)
1st place-heavyweight 
2nd place-overall 
2004- Southern Illinois University Bodybuilding/Fitness Competition

I am very involved as a competitive athlete and a personal trainer with proper nutrition, training and supplementation. In my quest to achieve balance, strength and maximum endurance for which ever event I am preparing for… I have become a big believer in PRIDE Nutrition. It has been a great luxury to have finally found a supplement line that I can trust to bring safe results to myself and my clients!

With my multi-sport training regimen as a diverse extreme endurance athlete, it has been a test mentally and physically everyday. PRIDE Nutrition's Advanced Joint Support System has been great for proper recovery for my rigorous trainning. In order for my joints, ligaments and tendons to recover properly, I use AGILITY and NPR twice a day. 
PRIDE Nutrition's RESPECT Protein, Glutamine and Premium GREEN dramatically helped to increase my strength, energy and endurance levels. I also really liked the natural energy and pump that I experienced using RETALIATE, AMMUNITION and C-GONE.

PRIDE Nutrition has developed some unbelievable products that help deliver proper supplementation to achieve maximum performance! If you are looking to maintain a strong healthy lifestyle or to improve your performance level and recovery time; PRIDE Nutrition has my highest recommendation!"

 Jim Swanson - Featured Testimonial

Illinois Super-Heavyweight Bodybuilding Champion
Certified Personal Trainer
Contest Weight 245 lbs
Offseason Weight 285 lbs
Height- 5'11"

I take pride in everything I do. Whether its training my clients or myself, I give 100% no matter what. I run a routine that is very consistent. Day in and day out, my routine is the same. The way I work out, the way I eat, and the way I train is always consistent.

I want to disclose how PRIDE Nutrition supplements have been part of my daily routine. I am very in tune with my body. I know exactly what is working when I put new things in my routine. Recently, I followed the suggestions offered to me on how to make my body optimal as far as performance and recovery. These suggestions were made to me by the knowledgeable PRIDE Nutrition representatives.

I eat 6 meals per day. Breakfast includes 3 scoops of RESPECT, 1 Multi-Vitamins, 1 
C-GONE, 5 AMMUNITION, 1 DIALED-IN, 1 Premium Green, 1 scoop of GLUTAMINE, 2 EFA tabs, and 2 NPR tabs. Anytime I ingest carbohydrates, I make sure to take at least 1 C-GONE with 5 AMMUNITION tabs. This combination helps load the nutrients into my muscle. I always take 1 scoop RETALIATE, and add 1 scoop (5 grams) of GLUTAMINE to my RESPECT Protein shakes to help with my recovery and making sure my muscle stays full. In the middle of the night, I will take an additional 5 grams of GLUTAMINE on an empty stomach to keep my muscle in an anabolic environment.

Before bed every night, I will take in 3 more scoops of RESPECT with one added scoop of 1 Premium Green, GLUTAMINE, 2 NPR tabs, and 1 Multi-Vitamins. Generally throughout the day, I will take 2 EFA tabs with every meal. This supplement routine is consistent anytime I go into contest preparation.

I am able to hold more muscle mass and have stronger workouts all the way up to the show. My recovery powers are enhanced and my ability to train harder is evident. Since following the advice of the representatives at PRIDE, I am pleased to be making progression on a daily basis.

I would suggest to everyone to be consistent with your nutrition, training, and most importantly your supplement routine. You can then gauge exactly how PRIDE can help you too. 

Thank you PRIDE Nutrition!



 Palmer Hart - Featured Testimonial

Indiana University Little 500 Bicyclist
Height 5'11"
Weight 180 lbs.

"Using PRIDE Nutrition products has helped me to achieve the best overall health I have experience in my life."

"I used a All Pride System to help train for the Little 500 bike race at Indiana University and almost immediately realized gains in both strength and endurance. AGILITY played a huge part in keeping my joints healthy for quick recovery from long bike rides."

C-GONE, Control, and Premium EFA did an excellent job of supplementing my diet for a lean body while making the transition from football and track to endurance biking. DIALED-IN and AMMUNITION had the most profound affect on the way I felt, which was strong energetic all the time."



 Jennifer Cowan - Featured Testimonial

National Level Competitor
Competion Weight (last year) 115 (upcoming year) 120
Offseason Weight 135
Height- 5'3"
     "I had never believed in Supplements before, I always thought that if I worked hard enough it would be enough….then I started competing in Figure Competitions. After dieting for 3 months I lost quite a bit of my hard earned muscle. My diet seemed spot on, I believed I was getting the appropriate amount of Protein, Carbs and Fats and my training was strict and quite difficult. I really did not believe I needed to change these parts of my plan; I needed to change my attitude towards supplements."
     "The first time I met the owners of PRIDE Nutrition I told them I “didn’t believe in supplements.” After much discussion about what I was currently doing and some deep self-evaluation I knew I would have to make a change if I wanted to succeed on the National Level. And as the saying goes, “There is no time like the present.”
     "I made a commitment to myself and PRIDE Nutrition that I would religiously take the recommended supplements for one month and reevaluate how I felt. At this point I am in my 3rd month of Supplementation and I have never felt better, nor will I ever look back. None of the supplements have caused me any negative side effects, which I believe speaks highly for the quality of PRIDE Nutrition."
     "I use a 
RESPECT Protein shake for a meal between breakfast and lunch and one prior to my workout. I have seen tremendous improvements in the gym and the weights I am pushing around. I also am constantly receiving compliments and questions about how much I have changed and what I am taking. Keep a look out for me at the Pro-Qualifiers next year and you will see the change too!"
     "I have come to realize that no matter how perfect our diet and training may be, there are some things that are beyond our control. Thank you so much PRIDE Nutrition for
helping me realize the deficiencies I had and helping me reach my fitness goals!"

 Rich Seldal - Featured Testimonial

Member - Hackney Reality Combat Academy; Roselle, IL.
1998 Northern Illinois Grappling Tournament (8-Man Tmt)
1999 Extreme Challenge Trials 200lb Class Winner
1999 Chicago Challenge 6 200lb Wt. Class
2004 XFO Fighting Championships

Bodybuilding & Powerlifting Championships
1st Pl – 1995 Midwest IRONMAN Bodybuilding Championship
Middleweight (Chicago)
1995 National Qualifier NPD
1st Pl – 1994 National Powelifting Championship (Chicago)
1994 World Championships, World Team (England)
1994 USFP National (Texas)

"I've taken a lot of supplements with some success, but never found a line that I truly believed in."

"I was introduced to PRIDE Nutrition by a friend who also trains hard and is serious about what supplements he takes. He gave me 2 DIALED-IN, 3 AMMUNITION and a 
 which I took about an hour before my workout. The first day I got one of the best workouts of my life and was impressed."

"I've been working out hard for almost 20 years so for me to say that means that I felt STRONG!!!"

"I began taking the whole line and continued to get stronger, fuller and leaner. I became a big believer in PRIDE Nutrition and used it to get me DIALED-IN for my 5th mixed martial arts fight."

"I felt incredibly strong and powerful on the whole Pride System and went into the cage match like a wrecking machine. I take a lot of Pride in everything I do! For my next fight, you better believe I'll be using PRIDE Nutrition and I already feel sorry for whoever is next!"



 Susan Groshek - Featured Testimonial

"For years I've tried many different supplements and was never a strong believer in any of them. As I began to prepare for my fitness competitions, my photographer introduced me to PRIDE Nutrition."

"After learning about each of the products I decided to stop taking everything else and try them out. I've always had trouble keeping muscle fullness and obtaining the leanness I need when dieting for competitions."

"Within days of taking the PRIDE Nutrition line I instantly noticed a difference! AMMUNITION was the most shocking to me in that it provides a long lasting pump that goes beyond your workout in the gym! C-GONE, Control, and the Premium EFA have helped me get leaner, stay fuller, and feel tighter in a very short amount of time."

"As a gymnast for 13 years and a fitness competitor for 3 years, I've battled nagging elbow and knee injuries. AGILITY was my savior! Since I've been taking AGILITY I've notice an incredible change, my elbow pain is dwindling away and my knees feel much stronger. I take PRIDE in everything I do and you should too!"

 Gideon Ray - Featured Testimonial

I met the owners of PRIDE Nutrition about two years ago. At the time I used some BS supplements if I had them but nothing ever worked real good. The PRIDE Team taught me about quality and helped me understand why there stuff works better. The AGILITY pills and Agility Cream plus NPR have made a huge difference for me. I recover faster when I get banged up and they’ve really helped my flexibility and strengthened my joints.

The RESPECT Protein is the best, it’s the only protein that doesn’t tear up my stomach. Trust me, you don’t want be all bloated when some punk is trying to kick you in the ribs. I’ve always had trouble putting on weight before too, AMMUNITION stacked with KRYPTONITE has taken care of that problem. I’ve got the talent and the heart to get to the top in the UFC and I feel stronger and even more confident on these supplements. Those guys at PRIDE know how to put together some kick ass formulas, they’ve believed in Gideon Ray since day one and I believe in PRIDE Nutrition!



 Kevin Fukala - Featured Testimonial

Hockey: Power Forward
Height- 6'3"
Weight-215 pounds
Age-23 years old

My name is Kevin Fukala and I play at one of the highest levels of collegiate hockey. My position is Power Forward and with my style of play, I'm also our team's Enforcer. To play this role and dominate well enough to get to the next level, I knew I needed to get bigger and stronger. I started working out when I was 18 years old and only weighed 170 lbs. Putting on size has never been easy for me so I had to find a good nutrition/supplement plan I could trust to bring results! I am now 23 years old and have been taking PRIDE Nutrition for almost 3 years. I went from 170 lbs to now weighing 215 lbs and still have 6.5% body fat. I believe my Pride supplement plan has helped not only to increase my strength and size, but ultimately I've gotten faster and have more endurance on and off the ice. I would recommend their supplements to all athletes and know I have a greater shot at making and competing in the NHL with PRIDE Nutrition in my corner!

I workout 5-6 times a week on/off ice.

 Yvette Couty - Featured Testimonial

When I first met the PRIDE Team, they were so enthusiastic about there products and recommended that I try them. I had a photo shoot to do in just a few weeks and asked them what they recommended. They suggested a variety of supplements and I said “I’ll try them and let them know what I think!” WOW a few weeks later I was down a few inches on my waist and my abs started to come in.

I was very happy with the outcome and continued to use the rest of there product line. Low and behold I was asked by a few close friends to compete in the next Figure Competition. I hesitated knowing that it would take a lot of work and dedication! Being a single mother who works full time while also taking college classes, it’s tough to stick to a daily routine. I sure DID though and I competed among the best and am very proud of what I accomplished. I know in my heart that I would never have done as well as I did with out the help of PRIDE Nutrition

I’m not an avid competitor but I love to compete for fun! It really motivates me to lose weight and look my very best! I do admit there were some challenges as there always are in life, but without the support of my friends and Pride Nutrition, I would not have come in 3rd place in the Master Figure and look as good as I did.

Thank you so much PRIDE Nutrition for being there when I needed you and helping me reach my fitness goals!



 Kraig Feldman - Featured Testimonial

My confidence in my physique has increased greatly since I have started using PRIDE Nutrition's supplements. When I have trained for competitions in the past, there has always been a spot in my mind that I could be doing more, but with PRIDE Nutrition's products, that insecurity is gone.

In training for the Team Universe, DIALED-IN helped me wake up in the morning so I could blast out my morning cardio session. When I was one week out from the contest, I was still getting awesome pumps from the AMMUNITION! No other product was able to give me such great results in my competing crunch time. The C-GONE and Control knocked out any excess carbs or water that I was holding to give me a rock solid look. PRIDE's GLUTAMINE kept my recovery quick and allowed me to train as hard as possible when I may not have been feeling as fresh in the past.

With PRIDE Nutrition's products, I went from 5th place at the Team Universe in 2004 and placed 2nd in 2006. Their results are real.




 Lee Roupas - Featured Testimonial

Natural Competitive Bodybuilder
Certified Personal Trainer
Spokes Model

Being a high school and college athlete, I have been weight training for over twenty years and competing as an all-natural bodybuilder for five. From 2002 to 2005, I took a three-year layoff from competition due to injuries and work-related travel. When I decided to return to competition I knew I needed to build muscle and prevent more injuries. I was well aware that I had to appear on stage with a well-conditioned, sharply defined physique. Along with some hard grueling training, I needed a good supplementation program to help pack on more lean muscle mass and strengthen my joints.

It was not until I was at a national level bodybuilding show that I first saw the PRIDE Nutrition booth. When I approached their booth the representatives were very cordial and enthusiastic about their products. Through my conversation with the PRIDE Team, I found they were very knowledgeable about nutrition, supplementation and passionate about their products. They explained how their product could benefit me so I decided to give PRIDE Nutrition a try. I was at a point where I was holding onto more body fat than usual and my body had difficulty processing carbs. However when I tried their C-GONE product, I saw an immediate reduction in my body fat and a leaner look to my physique. C-GONE was especially helpful prior to and during contest time!

Later, I was looking for a quality protein shake to supplement my protein intake to build more lean muscle. I decided to try Pride’s new protein powder RESPECT, which they had just introduced. When I tried it I was blown away by its good taste and was impressed how easily digestible it was. I now take RESPECT during the day while working at the office and before and after my workouts.

Being an athlete and competitive bodybuilder, it’s a constant battle to prevent injuries to the muscles, ligaments and tendons. I have been injury free since taking PRIDE Nutrition products. I’ve been extremely happy with the results of taking NPR and AGILITY for preventative maintenance to strengthen my joints.

In 2005 I won the Mid-States Muscle Classic Natural Heavyweight Novice Division and a year later even though I placed third in the open division, I came in bigger and leaner. 
I owe a lot of gratitude to PRIDE Nutrition for doing their homework. I contribute a lot of my gains in muscle mass and keeping a healthy body to PRIDE Nutrition products. All it takes is training hard, training smart, being consistent with your workouts, eating clean and taking PRIDE’s quality supplements. What they promise, they deliver!

For more information log on to Lee’s website at www.leeroupas.com or email LJRMSU93@aol.com

 Kara Thurman - Featured Testimonial

Licensed Sports Nutritionist
Personal Trainer
Bodybuilder / Fitness Model
Competion Weight 135 lbs
Height- 5'4"

"Do you have the PRIDE that it takes to reach your goals? Now more than ever, the supplement options are plentiful. But which ones are good and which ones are garbage? Don't just settle for whatever's on the shelf. Take PRIDE in what you put into your body. As a personal trainer and licensed sports nutritionist, I know what it takes to see lasting results while maintaining your health and well-being."

"I've tried several supplement lines over the years and what impressed me the most about PRIDE is their choice of ingredients, their quality, or purity, and how they synergistically blend the compounds for an effective delivery system and optimal utilization."

"I was taking most of the ingredients found in C-GONE separately and from different manufacturers, knowing I needed these ingredients but wishing someone would package them together with the right amounts and structure for me. Taking so many capsules gave me heartburn and who knows how consistent the potency or purity was since they were all from different manufacturers."

"I was also using another supplement that promised to give me a good pump during my workouts. I stopped taking everything else and tried only the PRIDE line and wow! I immediately jumped on the PRIDE bandwagon! I saw and felt immediate results. The AMMUNITION delivered to me the pump that other products could only promise. C-GONE saved me from taking so many capsules, to only 2 tablets with better breakdown and absorption. The Control brilliantly provided me a non-stimulant for late night appetite control."

"Bottom line is, either you have PRIDE, or you don't. The fact is, you've got to just try it for a month. You've got nothing to lose except PRIDE. You've got everything to gain, especially your PRIDE."

"Finally, an all natural solution to look and feel your best. Isn't it time you hold your head up high with PRIDE?"



 Brendan McGury - Featured Testimonial

I've tried many different supplements in the past and I can honestly say none of them compare to the results that I've received from PRIDE Nutrition's products. Their stuff is top of the line and untouchable when it comes to quality. I was sick of choking on shakes that don’t mix well or taste like crap. I wanted a real high quality protein for post workout, not some stuff that is all filler. I don't have this problem anymore thanks to PRIDE's RESPECT Protein. It tastes great and doesn't upset your stomach at all, and is perfect for adding lean mass. AMMUNITION by far is the most powerful product I've ever used. The skin bursting pumps bring out tons of vascularity and muscle hardness from the first workout on. DIALED-IN is great come contest time, the fat just falls right off of you. What you put in your body is what your going to get out of it. I work way to hard to be taking supplements that simply don't give results. I would recommend PRIDE's products to anyone regardless of what your goals are.

 Natalie Lynn Lichtenbert- Featured Testimonial

National Level Fitness Competitor
Fitness Model
Competition Weight 118lb, Off season 123 lb
Height 5’7”

I first met the PRIDE team through a fellow fitness competitor. I told them what my goals were and what type of joint pain I was experiencing. Being a warm and knowledgeable group, they urged me to try several of their products that were suitable for my needs which were RESPECT Protein, Premium Multi-Women, AGILITY Tablets and the AGILITY Cream.

I dance…a lot! Even in my younger years, I would have constant swelling and pain in my knees, so much that I would have to take several days of rest and soak daily in warm water to alleviate the pain. Since this spring, I have been using PRIDE's AGILITY Tablets and applying the AGILITY Cream daily to my knee joints and what a difference. Now I’m walking up stairs again without pain…hooray!

PRIDE's Premium Multi-Women is also my mainstay now…taking two tablets, one in the morning and one right before dinner. I have more sustained energy and I can tell that my immune system is much stronger! I am also assured that I am getting the needed calcium and iron that my competitor diet is often lacking in.

After my show this fall, I plan on adding more PRIDE supplementation to my contest preparations to help change my physique by adding more muscle over the upcoming winter months. Watch out for me next spring! With PRIDE Nutrition, I’m sure I will achieve all of my new fitness goals!


 Brian Gurin - Featured Testimonial

Chicago Iron Man-December 2005 Open 4th Place
Novice 2nd Place

Las Vegas Classic - November 2005 Open 3rd Place
Novice 2nd Place

Kokomo Indiana April 2005 Top 5

Competition Weight 195lbs
Off season Weight 235lbs
Height 5'7"

"I have tried numerous supplements in the past and none have delivered the results that PRIDE Nutrition has in such a short time!"

"I train my body 3 hours a day, 6 days a week, and I wouldn’t trust all this hard work with a supplement that can't keep up. AMMUNITION walks the walk and talks the talk. I was overly impressed with the intense pump I got the first time I took it."

"The Control and DIALED-IN is critical for me come diet time. It completely suppressed my sugar cravings when I needed it the most."

"PRIDE Nutrition products do exactly what they say. I am impressed at the quality they take in delivering the best product for serious athletes like me."

"With PRIDE Nutrition and my workout/diet program, I have a winning combination!!!"

 Kim Schaefer - Featured Testimonial

The supplemnts I plan to use for Jr. Nationals; DIALED-IN, C-GONE, Premium EFA, Premium Multi-Women, AGILTY, AGILITY Cream, NPR, RESPECT Chocolate & Vanilla, AMMUNITION. I've always been a big believer in proper supplemenation. Especially since I'm a natural Athlete.

"I've tried many supplements in the past and have found PRIDE Nutrition top of the line."

"I've had a problem retaining muscle mass in the past while dieting down for a competition and have found PRIDE supplements help me achieve and maintain muscle mass."

I have just tried the NPR and it is wonderful in the way it helps alleviate my aches and pains and I no longer rely on such products as Ibuprofen for pain. AGILITY helps with my sore joints in my knees and wrist. I take in 2 shakes per day and will use RESPECT in the a.m. between meals and 1 more immediatly after training.




 John Ambrose - Featured Testimonial

John Ambrose , New Lenox Illinois

2005 NPC Tri State Overall

2007 NPC Illinois State Open
Overall Winner

PRIDE Nutrition is the most impressive supplement line I have ever come across. Their supplements give me the kind of results I can see and feel. PRIDE's RESPECT Protein is easy on my stomach and is of the highest quality, which is important to me because I depend on it when I can't have a solid meal due to my busy work schedule. AMMUNITION and DOMINATE really help me to pump my training efforts and strength to 110% during the off-season. Come contest time they give my muscles a full, hard, vascular look that I truly believe helped put me in the winners circle this year.

If you want the best then take Pride, you won't be disappointed!

 Corey Probst - Featured Testimonial

Junior Nationals Chicago IL 2002 Top 10
Iron Man Chicago 1st Heavy Weight 2002
Mr. Midwest Teens Chicago 1997
Competion Weight- 220lbs
Off Season- 235 lbs
Height- 5'11"

"PRIDE Nutrition is the real deal, their products are very effective and deliver you results. Within the first day of using the Extreme Muscle Building System, I started noticing increased muscle hardness, vascularity, strength, and recovery time. My muscles get so hard and full, and my joints feel 100% better since using the All Pride System."

"The best thing about PRIDE Nutrition is the quality - and that the products actually work. The people at PRIDE really know what it takes to design formulas that work, and I would recommend them to everyone."


Other Customer Testimonials  


 "I started using KRYPTONITE about 4 months ago and am extemely pleased with the product. I was previously using SizeOn and noticed an increase in abdominal bloating and gas. With KRYPTONITE, I did not encounter either issue that I had with SizeOn (or with other Creatine products that I have tried). I would also like to comment on the taste of the "NEW" KRYPTONITE formula. I had the oppotunity to sample both the old, and new versions. When I initially tried the first formula, it was quite grainy and had a chalky taste to it. The latest version is free of both....tastes great and not grainy. Well done! "

"I also started using your RESPECT Protein approximately 2 months ago. I was previously using Optimum Nutrition's Whey Protein. RESPECT is a superior product in many ways. While taking the Optimum Nutrition's Whey Protein, I was experiencing bloating and diarrhea. Once I switched over to RESPECT Protein, those problems resolved within 1 weeks time. The formula is excellent and pure. I am noticing gains in my strength and people have started commenting on the fact that I'm looking more muscular than I was the last time they saw me.

Well done PRIDE Nutrition. Keep up the good work!"
-- Sony Nandra, M.D.

"I have always had good genetics for gaining muscle and getting lean. I have a fast metabolism which comes with a big appetite and a nice little sweet tooth. I didn't think any supplement could curve my appetite and prevent cravings for sweets like Control does. What a difference! I take one at lunch and 2 before dinner and now I'm not starving at dinner or hungry at all in the late evening. Other appetite suppressants that I have tried always had caffeine in them so I couldn't take them at night when I needed them the most. You want to eat during the day because you can burn that off but you don't want to eat after about 8 PM or it will store. When I'm trying to eat clean, I will always take Control because dieting is a lot easier when you're not as hungry and that's terrific!"
-- Dave Kariotis

"AGILITY saved my workouts! I have been training hard for many years, enjoy the benefits of working out and try to stay in top shape all year round. About two years ago, I developed this long nagging pain in my elbow that started to prevent me from training heavy. My workouts were getting cut short, not because I was fatigued but because the pain would get unbearable. I started taking AGILITY about six months ago, within a week I could tell a huge difference. The pain in my elbow was almost gone and my shoulders and knees felt better too. After only two weeks I was able to start training heavy again and now I am stronger than ever! I have used other joint support products before and nothing had worked. I highly recommend AGILITY to anyone who has any kind of joint pain or needs to maintain healthy joints for sports. You can always use more AGILITY and I will never train without it!" 
-- Joe Barbaro


"PRIDE Nutrition's Ultimate Weight Loss System has helped me tremendously. My eating habits have changed and my workouts are incredible. In the first 5 weeks I lost 10lbs and 3 inches, now I can't imagine a workout without them. If you want to feel better about the way you look and feel, take Control with "PRIDE"".
-- Kerri Pinner, GNC Store Manager, 7 years

"When I or the people I train are preparing for a big show, PRIDE Nutrition's DIALED-IN, C-GONE and Control are a must. They allow me to maintain or even gain muscle while losing fat. The formula gets you hard and tight surprisingly fast!"
-- Brett Feldman, 2000 NPC Overall Teen National Champion, 2000 Collegiate Middleweight Champion, Trainer of Champions

"PRIDE Nutrition has helped me conquer my weight loss of 70lbs. The program made it a lot easier and healthier for me to achieve this goal. I take DIALED-IN for the energy, focus, and metabolism boost. Control has helped control my sweet tooth, also with the help of Premium EFA. Thank you Pride Nutrition I couldn't have done this with out you. Get DIALED-IN and under Control." 
-- Tammy Bosco, GNC - Franchise Manager 16 years

"PRIDE Nutrition is the best stuff on the market. All you have to do is try it and you will be a believer. Since I have been using the Extreme Muscle Builing System I no longer just get pumped through a work out, the pumps last all day. Through out the use while using PRIDE Products you will see progress every day. The way I see it is, you walk around with your head up with PRIDE, and the only time you put it down is when you sleep. You Got PRIDE!!!
-- Tony Canino

"We have been carrying PRIDE Nutrition Products for about six years now and the feedback has been outstanding. I've been in the business for 16 years and have never had such positive response to a product line. Their formulas are innovative and effective. We suggest the Pride Nutrition line to our customers because once people try the product they usually come back for more and generally achieve the results they desire. I also recommend them because I use their products myself and I'm very happy with my results."
-- Al Bosco, GNC franchisee owner (16 Years), Illinois - Tinley Park