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z L-Carnitine Liquid 1,500mg 16 fl oz Berry Flavor PRIDE NUTRITION

z L-Carnitine Liquid 1,500mg 16 fl oz WildBerry Flavor

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  • Pure and Potent
  • Helps Burn Fat
  • Improves Muscle Tone
  • Heart Healthy
  • Fast Acting
  • Great Before Cardio Sessions or Workouts

L-Carnitine is used by the body to transport long chain fatty acids to the mitochondria in your cells, where it is burned for energy. Since this fat burning is such a major source of muscular energy, deficiencies in carnitine are manifested as low energy levels and muscular weakness. Liquid l-Carnitine emerges as a premier supplement to increase l-carnitine presence in the body in mega strength dose: it increases energy, burns fat (making it an excellent addition to a weight loss program), improves athletic performance and preserve muscle glycogen levels during exercise and after intense workouts. Our premium l-carnitine is a fast acting and easily digested liquid concentrate. It's also vegetarian (non-animal sourced) and the highest grade available.